Matt Warren’s Music Is My Life Is the New Nu House Benchmark

Matt Warren’s Music Is My Life Is the New Nu House Benchmark

Music is My Life (Wake Up! Music is a new album by a heritage artist called Matt Warren. It is one of the best sounding dance albums this spinner has heard in a long time. So many artists do not do anything new. This album sounds so new and so fresh, they and I are calling it the Nu House album of the year. I have to admit, growing up in the 90’s I was more influenced with the House acts from England, like a Guy called Gerald and Leftfield.  Hearing this album from the first song to the last was a great journey. It has superb engineering and the production is done really well.

The ones that get the crowd going are Get On Up that features a Swee’s sister sounding Ms. Thang called Janis Mcghee. And oh, she makes me want dance forever. I can imagine this one really staying around the clubs for some time. Another jam that gets me my vote is How Do I Love Thee. I read somewhere that it was a Queen Latifah remake done Nu House style. I don’t know about all dat, but I do like it, and would put that on any day of the week at any time of the day. I know it would keep the feet moving to the beat. It is well written too.That is a big reason I think this album is the Nu House release of the year. The writing is up there baby. You know when something is good, when it really is good. It says that Pepper Gomez wrote the lyrics on it and she did a great job. That song would make a dead man feel good.  I am for the Latin funk things on this album too.  A salsa beat added to the 120-130 BPM just makes it so nice to groove on. La Rosa gets me thinking about a nice hot Florida night, with a nice, hot, Florida mamacita.  I feel the horns on this one, and the vocals by Flamenco singer Elena Andujar. Throw in that bass and we are talking about some muy caliente music. The Storm song at the end of the record is different too. It does not have a whole lot of dance to it, but I like the way it cools you down after hearing this album. It is like a cool mint after a good & hot dinner.  Nu House is the coming thing and this album is going to stand as one of the best Nu House albums ever made. Go buy it then listen and tell them DJ Say-Hey! sent you.


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